seek that which does not change

change is inevitable, so they say.

yet I am slowly becoming aware of something inside me that doesn't change.

I can't quite nail it down or name it.

awareness, maybe.


existence? experience? the witness?

it is whatever is experiencing the other changes -- the thing that takes note of them, the thing that stays the same and therefore provides the static point of reference that is necesssary in order to realize that a change has occurred.

it is the background -- the stage on which change appears.

it's not quite an inner voice, yet I do sense somewhat of a dialogue going on at times.

it's been with me for as long as I can remember.

it was with me before I started school. it was with me when my children were born.

it is with me when I hike or stand up to speak. it keeps me company as I fall asleep and welcomes me to the quiet stillness of the first morning light.

it is my constant companion.  

it feels almost like a thread that links all of my past and present experiences. it seems to be connected to my body in some way, but I won't know that for sure until I die, I suppose. 

it is easiest for me to locate when I'm silent and still. 
and sometimes, when I am totally engrossed in an activity, it seems to disappear.

I've become a bit obsessed lately with getting to know it. I want to be able to tap into it at will -- to locate my internal figure-ground-reversal switch so I won't feel caught up in and battered around by all that is temporary. 

something tells me that there's almost nothing more important right now than cultivating my awareness of it.

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