slowin' it down

It recently came to my attention that all of my life I have moved at a particular and relatively constant speed when doing tasks like wiping the counters, typing, installing screws, and taking the stairs.

How did that speed get determined? Why didn't it allow for changes in pace to deal with obstacles? I have no idea. I don't remember anyone ever standing over me telling me to move faster or that I couldn't ever slow down. But I am now keenly aware that this arbitrary pace I've never questioned before has been triggering an awful lot of unnecessary frustration for me.

When I slow myself down by about half, frustration evaporates. Budgeting mentally for at least twice the time I think something should take has created a minor miracle in my life.

Nail goes in crooked? It's ok. Just take it out and try again. Price tag sticker peels off in micro-pieces? Find a comfy seat and work on it a little bit at a time.

When there's no rush, there's no problem. With no arbitrary timeline for completion, I don't waste any energy feeling outraged about how long it takes or how inappropriate it was for them to use gorilla glue on the price tag. And therefore ... no stress. Simply something to be done. 


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Unknown said...

Wise advice from a wise woman! Thanks! As always, you are right on! Mom