replacing meditation with quiet time

meditation is such a loaded word and concept for so many of us that it can feel like something we'll never succeed at doing.

so I decided to take it down a few notches to something I am 100% sure I can do, like this:

just lay down

on your back.

choose somewhere flat - on the bed with no pillow works, but the floor is my favorite place

choose somewhere quiet - or put in earplugs or soothing music if that helps you relax. 

notice the places where your body meets that flat surface, and focus your attention on trying to mentally map the contact - what shape is the pressure, how heavily are you sinking into the support of the floor, what's the temperature. any sensation will do.

you don't need to try to change anything, but it's okay if you feel your muscles letting go of working so hard to hold you up as they realize the ground is supporting you. and no worries if you don't feel any changes happening at all.

that's it. do this for whatever pre-determined period of time you choose. I'm happy if I do even 5 minutes of this per day.

if you think of something you need to do, don't get up and do it. if you get stressed because you think you'll forget it later, keep paper near you so you can write it down. but no matter what, don't get up again until your time is over.

you can't do this wrong, I promise.  just decide on a time frame, lay down, and see what happens.

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