look for the love

been thinking about that quote from Mr. Rogers about looking for the helpers, and realizing it doesn't go quite far enough to satisfy me.  Maybe this is what he really means, but for me, it feels even better to intentionally look for the love.

Because love is there in any situation. Even the most egregious acts of man and nature stir up the circulation of love in the world.

There is love in the parents who hug their children a little more intentionally today than before Sandy Hook.

There is love in the stories of the selfless heroism of the teachers who acted courageously and instinctively to protect the children under their care.

There is love in the renewed awareness that life is precious and there are no guarantees about how long it will last, which is something that is often overlooked in the bustle of the tasks of day-to-day living.

So in the aftermath of events such as random acts of violence, natural disasters, and terrorism, we have a choice about where to invest our prolonged attention.

Let's choose love.


Nicole said...

I like this idea. I like how it doesn't negate the fact that a very painful thing occurred, but it reminds us that there is a lot of love and kindness in the world. Sometimes when things like mass shootings happen, it can start to seem like a pretty cruel world out there. There is cruelty in the world and violence (even in nature), but there is also kindness.

karen alonge said...

thanks for taking the time to comment, nicole. I'm glad this idea contributes to a sense of perspective and balance.