things I've learned in the first half of my life that I look forward to enjoying in the second half:

- When my attention is focused on the present moment, trust becomes a meaningless concept. I just deal with whatever happens as it arises. I don't need to worry. I don't need to suspect. I don't need to diagnose intention or determine motive. I just swing when the ball comes over the plate. Simple.

- I will be okay. I've seen myself and others bounce back stronger than ever from serious illnesses and injuries, unemployment, and all kinds of other crises. I've seen beautiful deaths. I've seen blessings within suffering, compassion within pain, and opportunity within destruction. There are gifts of love available for me everywhere, in all experiences. If I don't notice them at first, I can simply pay closer attention, and they will reveal themselves to me.

- You will be okay. I don't know what anyone else is here to do or experience. Each being has their own path to walk. I will do what I am called to do when your path intersects with mine, and then we will each continue on our way.

- Maybe this whole law of attraction thing is really just a nice, effective trick to make each moment sweeter. It feels better right now to think about what I want, rather than what I don't. It feels better right now to focus on what I enjoy. It feels better right now to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. That's the real goal: a better NOW, not some future manifestation! String a bunch of nice NOWs together like pearls, and you'll have a pretty sweet life, whether you manifest that red bike or not.

- Circumstances don't matter very much in the end. It's not all that significant where/how I choose to live, who I decide to spend time with, or what I accomplish; there is something fundamentally bigger about me than all of this that matters much more, and it cannot be impacted by external conditions. So I can ease up on making my pro and con lists and relax. 

- Although I like to believe I am making decisions, I'm really not. That "fundamentally bigger" thing I mentioned above is driving the bus, not my conscious mind. Life is a lot more fun when I accept my status as a passenger and enjoy the view. (Of course, not everyone feels this way - some people have much more fun playing Driver than Passenger, and that's all right by me!)

- There's really only one game in town for me:  acceptance of what is, moment by moment. This includes accepting myself and others even during the times when we cannot seem to accept what is!

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