helping with problems

Loved this simple rule for helping from Alan Cohen:

If you are upset about their problem, it's your problem.
If you are not upset, you are in a perfect position to help. 

Upset or "ain't it awful" energy is not typically very helpful.

When we are triggered into upset, outrage, urgency, or rescue-mode by someone else's situation, we would do well to refrain from intervening until we have taken whatever steps are required to return to our own center of stillness and trust.

For some of us that might involve a meditation, breathing, mantra, or mindfulness practice.  For others it might be prayer, a run, a kickboxing workout, or petting the dog.

However we get there, when we take the time to return to a calm, clear, and conscious state of mind, we are best able to discern whether our assistance is truly needed and how to provide it.


livelihood pliant said...

This will come in handy many times tonight :-)

karen alonge said...

it will? excellent! I love when that happens! :)