the tenderness experiment

So far, I am actually remembering to tune into tenderness at least once or twice a day.  Which may not seem like much, but for me, it's a lot; I'm the queen of thought experiments that never make it to 3D.

here's what I've noticed so far:  it's possible to walk, talk, chew, scrub, fold, breathe, listen and think with tenderness.  On my morning walk I picture myself moving through the air with tenderness, and meeting the earth with tenderness in each step.  I can tenderly wash dishes and water my plants.  When I am listening, I can imagine my attention as a soft pillow upon which your words can rest.  I can speak in tones that will nurture and comfort those who listen.  When I fold laundry, I can intend love into each crease, so that when the garment is worn, joy will be released like a fragrance.  When I bake, I can add loving intention just like I add the eggs.  I can sense my heart before speaking or acting, and intend to express compassion. 

I'm becoming aware of what makes tenderness different than mindfulness for me - tenderness is an active extension, whereas mindfulness seems to be receptive.  Each has its place, and its charm.  The experiment continues. 


Jeff Patterson said...

And clearly, you're able to write and post to your blog with tenderness as well. Just like with the folded laundry and added eggs, your readers are out here, touched by your intention.

karen alonge said...

awww ... thank you sweetie!

and right back atcha.