protesters may serve a different purpose than they intend

I had the good fortune to be on the campus of Boulder High School today as they were preparing to greet some extremists who travel the country picketing places they think need to be further educated about God's real will, which they apparently seem to believe does not include unconditional love or acceptance of homosexuality.   

The response of the Boulder High student body, known locally to be a diverse, tolerant, and liberal bunch, was very heartening.  The sidewalks around the school were chalked with colorful images and messages of love and inclusion. They were throwing a pizza party in celebration of unity.  There were handlettered signs and banners expressing kindness to all sexual orientations, religions, and belief systems.  Youthful exuberance overflowed into rainbows, hearts, flowers, peace signs, and a sea of tie-dyed tshirts.  It was quite a beautiful sight. 

I found myself silently thanking the traveling rabble rousers, wondering if they are aware of the blessings they are leaving in their wake -- people coming together in great numbers, unified in their intention to express love and support for those who have been targeted.  I found the whole thing so ironic that I couldn't stop smiling.


Anonymous said...

Karen, thank you for posting this!
I love, love, love these kinds of stories.

You are right on the money: I think the effect these people are going for ends up failing every single time. For me, every time I've heard about the WBC, I'm left with smiles and good feelings for the counter-expression of love and inclusion that always seems to arise in response to the craziness they try and bring about.

I'm not sure they'd keep it up if they really saw the kind of fun and sense of unity they're provoking. Do they really not see it? Seriously, I mean c'mon - who doesn't love pizza parties, gathering with friends, drawing with chalk, making peace signs, and listening to Bob Marley? People standing up for love - it's beautiful.

Bless the WBC man, they're inspiring Love...even in their hate and blindness.

Were you one of the counter-protesters?

karen alonge said...

nope, I just happened to be meeting a friend who is on staff at the school. Synchronicity strikes again!

Anonymous said...

How lucky!