judgment squared

today's abraham quote rang clear as a bell to me:

....the reason you feel bad [when others judge you] is because you are judging them about their judging.  - Abraham-Hicks
Although many of us think we feel bad because we don't like to be judged, the truth is that our suffering is actually self-induced.  When we condemn others for judging us, we disconnect from the flow of love in our own hearts. 
Since loving is the most natural state for us, we have to actively close off in order to condemn someone -- it takes effort.  When we withhold love and acceptance from someone else to punish them for judging us, we are sort of like toddlers holding our own breath to make a point.  Which is cute, but also kind of silly.
There is another way to respond that feels much better.  Love them anyway.  Let them have their opinions of you.  Keep your distance if you'd like.  But don't shut down your heart.  Send them a blessing, which they desperately need because it hurts to be judgmental, and then shift your focus onto something or someone that you can actively love.   

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