looking and listening

there is something beautiful in everything and everyone.  look for it, and you'll find it.  this practice is transforming my vision and my world. 

not only is there something beautiful in everything, there is also a song. 

seeking the beauty and listening for the song slows my pace down considerably, so I'm only doing it for a few minutes a day so far.  but I can already feel the desire to spend more time in this perceptual mode growing within me.  it's a very profound way to interact with my surroundings. 

turns out there have been blessings all around me all this time.  I just stopped noticing them.  They became part of the background, and I took them for granted.   

at the risk of sounding quite kooky ... those songs I hear in everything?  they're all love songs ...


Sue K said...

Beautiful. Awakening the senses is the heart of Vipassana. You might enjoy reading this book: _The Art of Living Vipassana Meditation as Taught by S. N. Goenka_. It was a life changer for me. I can bring it to you next time we meet if you like. Smiles to you.

karen alonge said...

interesting ... I've gotten several beautiful emails from other people who hear songs in everything, too. maybe I'm not that kooky after all! :)

Anonymous said...

It's not kooky at all.
It's a gift!

Kate said...

I LOVE what you have been writing/thinking/feeling about love as the communication medium for everything, and of beauty being there for the noticing.

big hugs to you, and LOVE of course! Kate