looking and listening

there is something beautiful in everything and everyone.  look for it, and you'll find it.  this practice is transforming my vision and my world. 

not only is there something beautiful in everything, there is also a song. 

seeking the beauty and listening for the song slows my pace down considerably, so I'm only doing it for a few minutes a day so far.  but I can already feel the desire to spend more time in this perceptual mode growing within me.  it's a very profound way to interact with my surroundings. 

turns out there have been blessings all around me all this time.  I just stopped noticing them.  They became part of the background, and I took them for granted.   

at the risk of sounding quite kooky ... those songs I hear in everything?  they're all love songs ...

letting it be

In my perpetual search to find remedies for my own "suffering", which I put in quotes because I feel like a whiner given that my issues are relatively minor -- aches and pains, eyestrain, obsessive thinking, financial concerns -- I've come up with yet another experiment.  Or I should say it came to me on my morning walk.

When and if I notice I am trying to wish something away (which can take quite a while to come to my conscious attention), instead of springing into immediate action and googling for solutions or natural remedies, here's what I'm gonna try:

Fully accept that the issue is happening. 
My head aches. 
My vision is blurry. 
I am worrying about the future. 

Remind myself that
Even though this issue is happening, I want to love and accept myself anyway.

Take my awareness right into the issue, instead of trying to distract myself or escape from it. Feel the ache in my head, or fully experience the blurry image without trying to change it in any way.

Shift my attention to the edges of the issue.  Notice how it interfaces with the rest of me.  Is there space, light, or relaxation around the borders of it? 

With my attention on its boundaries, allowing it to exist exactly as it is, see if anything wants to shift or release.  Play with it a little. Gently invite it to move if it wants ... maybe it can expand a little bit, or diffuse itself into that extra space.  Maybe its edges can soften to let the space, light, or relaxation permeate it a bit.

If it doesn't want to move, let it be.  In fact, I think I'll actually sing Let It Be to the issue.  And I'll try to treat it nicely, like a guest.  These things never stay forever anyway.  Besides, those well-researched 'remedies' I come up with often end up creating additional problems for me.  Might be worth just waiting until the issue shifts by itself rather than trying to hurry it along.