up, up and away

a dear friend of mine gave me a tremendous gift when he shared his vision of me the other day.

He said I'm like a passenger riding in a hot air balloon. If someone were to ask me where I am going in life, I'd point in whichever direction the wind is blowing at that moment.

If asked again in five minutes, I may shrug and point in a different direction if the wind has shifted. But what remains constant is that I pay close attention to whatever territory I am floating above, and document it in great detail.

I find great comfort in that visual. It feels right on, and it's really awesome to have friends who understand me so deeply. I have no idea where I am going in life, but I feel pretty safe and secure in my little floating basket. I sure do enjoy the scenery most of the time. Writing my travelogue brings me boundless pleasure. I seem to be drawn to document the mental and emotional landscape, at least for now.

And since I never really seem to land, I spose a destination isn't actually all that important anyway.

As I was thinking about this on my morning walk today, I came around a corner, and guess what I saw in the sky?



ReachDabbleShine said...

How cool is that :-)

Sandi said...

Love, love, LOVE it, Karen! That is so you!