safety nets

Had lunch with a friend today, and we got to talking about that saying, "Leap, and the net will appear." I had been telling her that I was entering some unknown territory in my life, and she said she admired my courage in making the jump before I saw the net. "Not true!" I crowed, "I suck at blind leaps of faith. "

No trust falls for this girl. Instead, I wait to jump until AFTER I see the net. What I lack in trust I can always compensate for in patience.

Here's a glimpse of my self-talk: Okay, this is a big step. I might not make the other side in one jump, and I can't afford to smash on the pavement down there. Allrighty then, if this is truly my next step, then that safety net should be coming into view any second now. I'm ready --as soon as I see it I'll make my move. Bring it on.

She was delighted at this thought. Many of us have fallen prey to the new-agey idea that it's weak or unevolved to be afraid to jump. I'm sure you've heard it -- Do what you love and the money will follow! Just do it! Go ahead, quit that job!

To that, I say, "Bull puckey." I'm afraid to blindly risk it all. So what? Is it really too hard of a job for the Grand Universal Poo-Bah to produce a little safety net first? To say it another way for you Secret fans, what's wrong with manifesting a net before I jump? Heck, maybe even a bridge! There is no order of difficulty in miracles ... and it's no more noble to jump, be pushed, swing, or crawl my way over.

I find that when I treat myself gently; allowing myself to delay the leap until my heart stops pounding enough for me to hear the quiet voice within it, it almost always says, "Hey, honey, it's okay. Take your time. I'm right here for you, and we'll go across together when you are ready."

Not as much adrenaline in that, but that's just fine by me. I like the idea of enjoying where I start from, enjoying the journey, and enjoying the destination. For me, a nice little net makes that possible.

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Kate said...

Oh Karen, a great entry as always. Delaying the leap always makes me feel like a coward, like I SHOULD just do it whateveritis... but
waiting? well, waiting when it is truthful waiting (and not just avoidance for avoidance's sake) makes me feel brave and strong. So that would make me a brave and strong coward, and I am trying to be ok with that. I'm waiting to see the net or trust that it will be there or be ok if it is not. Otherwise, no jumping for me. I'll sit on the edge and dangle my feet and enjoy the view. BIG LOVE -Kate