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I've been humbled with gratitude recently as I observe the universe finding a myriad of magical and creative ways to take care of me.

I used to lament my lack of intuition back when I conceptualized it as hearing an inner voice immediately answering any question you could ask. I am not internally visual, and I believed I was handicapped in some way when other people could take magical journeys in their imagination and come back with clear answers, and all I saw in my mind's eye was darkness.

But now I know better, much to my relief. My Reiki teacher, Laurie Grant, taught me that inner guidance comes in many forms -- auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and in my case, just a clear and untraceable feeling of knowing. Although my intuition is quick when I tune in for clients, when I ask for myself, it is not that direct or immediate. But it is reliable and trustworthy, if I am willing to watch and wait for it.

I can't tell you how often I have asked for guidance on some decision that I need to make, and within an hour a song I have not heard in years will come on the radio, and the lyrics will contain the insight I was seeking. or a random quote will come by email and present just the re-frame I was needing. or a friend will call to tell me a story that happened to him and inside that story is the last piece of my puzzle and my next step becomes clear.

Today while walking along the creek pondering obstacles to happiness or success, and wondering about the many different ways to handle them, I looked over into the water, and there was a big rock right in the middle of a little waterfall. And you know what? The water was not at all perturbed by the presence of that rock. Its flow was not diminished. It just went right around it, effortlessly negotiating the path of least resistance.
boulder creek

so often I think we humans get the idea that we have to remove obstacles in order to progress along our paths. but maybe it's just quicker and easier to navigate around them. if we see only one way, and that way is blocked, it might be easier to take a step back and see if there is another way to go than to dynamite the rock or try to lift it up or shove it aside.

what's more, the water, in time, will have its way with that rock. effortlessly, just by surrendering to the forces of gravity, it will wear it down and carve it away. no hurry. no strain. no force. just alignment with natural laws. hmmmm....

boulder creek

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