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I have a feeling this new format might render my postcards by email obsolete ...

this afternoon I was driving past a school as it was letting out for the day, and as a green minivan approached me in oncoming traffic, I saw what appeared to be a mother absolutely RAGING at her son, who was cowering in the back seat. I was sure I could see veins bulging in her neck, and I can only imagine the volume of her screams based upon the contortion of her face. It triggered a visceral fear response in me, and I was safely protected in a separate vehicle traveling rapidly away from her!

Tears came to my eyes, and a lump formed in my throat... for the child, who could not have been more than 8 or 9 years old, and cannot have done anything even remotely deserving of the magnitude of her response to it... and for the mother, who lives inside that body filled with venom 24/7. all I could figure out to do was send a silent blessing to them both, and pray to whoever might be listening to send them help.

it's just so sad that there is still so much pain eating away at the love we naturally have for each other. I so rarely come in contact with that kind of energy anymore that I had forgotten it was out there.

that mother might be driving around actually thinking that her child deserved what she gave him -- not at all aware of the toxic emotions that are surging through her system just waiting to explode with volatility on the nearest bystander, innocent or not.

she might think it's his fault, and therefore miss her opportunity to change her thinking and change the experience of her life. she may feel victimized by external circumstances and react with rage to her perception of powerlessness.

she might think that yelling and threatening and scaring her kid is going to motivate him to change his behavior.

none of those thoughts would be true.

and all of them are a direct route to living in a personal hell.

but so few of us know that we hold a set of keys that unlocks the cage of our personal hell. one key that brings my clients astounding results is The Work of Byron Katie. she suggests we ask ourselves four simple questions which examine the beliefs upon which we have based our actions and assumptions and stories about how life is. check it out if you want. www.thework.org

I can't do anything more for her or her son, but you are here, so I will share it with you. thanks for listening ...

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